Tracking Down Roofing Issues

Three Roof Problems You Should Never Ignore

A damaged roof cannot properly protect your home from the weather. If the issue isn't repaired, the inside of your home will eventually become ruined, too. Below are three roof problems that require immediate attention to prevent further damage to your home.

Sagging Roof

When your roof sags down toward the center of the structure, it's time to fix your roof. Your roof may sag because the roof deck isn't able to support the weight of the shingles. This can be due to rotting or loose ceiling joists, insufficient rafter ties, or weakened materials due to age.

Another possibility of a sagging roof is too much weight on the roof. This can be weight from snow, ice, pooling water or debris on your roof. If your roof is sagging, do not walk on your roof to inspect the damage. If the rafters are rotten or overloaded by weight, you could easily fall through your roof.

Hail Damage

If you've had a hail storm lately, it's likely that you have roof damage. Large hailstones can make indentations in the asphalt shingles and weaken or break them. Damaged shingles allows water to leak into your house through the roof. Hail can knock the granules off shingles and this keeps them from lasting as long as they should.

Moss Growth

If you think that the moss growing on your roof isn't hurting anything except the aesthetic value of your house, think again. Moss growth can actually cause damage to your roof. Moss can grow underneath the shingles and raise the roof materials. Below is some of the damage that moss can do to your roof:

  • Precipitation can easily get underneath the raised shingles and cause water to leak into your home.
  • Moisture, dirt, and debris can land underneath the shingles and cause your roof deck to rot.
  • High winds can catch the corners of raised shingles and blow them off the roof.
  • Moss that continues to grow on a roof can break down the shingles and cause them to become ineffective at protecting your roof.

Pour one cup of bleach into a bucket of water and use a scrub brush to clean the moss off your roof.

Roof damage never gets better on its own and it will continue to get worse if it's not fixed. If your roof has any of the issues listed above, contact roofing contractors immediately to inspect and repair your roof.