Tracking Down Roofing Issues

Making Repairs To A Flat BUR Roof

One of the most common types of commercial roofing is the built-up asphalt roof. Such a roof will consist of alternating layers of asphalt and tar. A layer of gravel will lie on top of the BUR roof to help protect the underlying roofing from foot traffic and from solar damage. While asphalt roofs are inexpensive, they are also prone to damage. Thus, if you have a BUR roof on your commercial property, you should understand how to make repairs. 

Making Repairs to Your Roof

The good news about BUR roofing is that it is not hard to make repairs. It is mostly a matter of gathering the right materials and following the right steps. You will need tarpaper, tar, a paintbrush, a rake, a broom, and utility knife. Follow these steps to make your repair:

1. Use the rake to pull the gravel away from the damage to your roof. Make sure that the tines on the rake do not damage the roof. 

2. If you have gravel that is stuck to the roof, use a chisel to gently pry the gravel away. 

3. Sweep away any debris from the area where you will make your repair. 

4. Cut two patches. The first should be two inches wider on all sides than the damage you are repairing. The second patch should be two inches wider on all sides than the first.

5. Paint a layer of tar on your roof and smash the first patch into the tar until it soaks it up. Make sure the patch extends for two inches on all sides beyond the damage to your roof. 

6. Paint a second layer of tar over the first and smash the patch into the tar until it soaks it up. Again make sure that it extends two inches on all sides beyond the first patch. 

7. Rake the gravel back into place. 

As long as your roof is not completely covered with damage, it should be an easy thing to make repairs to your roof. On the other hand, if you have a ton of repairs to make, or you are having a hard time locating the damage to your roof, you should feel free to call in commercial roofing professionals. They should have the experience to find even the trickiest leaks and to make repairs in a timely manner. Making prompt repairs is the best way to avoid water damage, and it will help to prevent further damage to your roof.