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How To Ventilate Your Insulated Foam Roof Properly

One of the ways that you can insulate your roof is through foam insulation. If you chose to use foam insulation for your roof, you need to ensure that air is able to freely flow around the foam so that moisture doesn't accumulate around the foam and compromise it. Ventilation is a key component of properly insulating your roof. Here is what you need to do if you are redoing your roof and changing out the insulation.

#1 Installing Sheathing

The first thing you need to do is purchase sheathing material for the roof. This material should be at least an inch thick to insure a high level of insulation. The sheathing material should be applied over the top of your rafters. The sheathing material should almost completely cover your rafters, allowing for a one-inch gap that flows along the ridge of your roof for air circulation purposes.

To ensure that the gap stays in place, you can use a plastic ridge cap and place it between the rafter and your sheathing.

#2 Use Temporary Plastic Long Forms

In order to shape the foam that you are going to spray in-between your rafters and insulate your roof with, you need to install temporary long plastic forms to give the foam installation the right shape and make sure that the proper airflow is established for your roof.

Plastic long forms are designed to be placed right next to the rafters in your roof and run the entire length of each rafter. You don't need to permanently attach the plastic long forms in any way; you can just wedge them in place and remove them once the foam is sprayed in place.

#3 Spray Foam Between The Rafters

Now that the temporary plastic long forms are in place, you need to spray the foam into place. You are going to want to make sure that your body is protected with safety goggles, mask, gloves, and long-sleeved clothing.

Take the spray machine and start spraying the foam in sections. You are going to want to work in small sections at a time, working back and forth and making your way forward one section at a time.

#4 Fix The Foam Spray

Once all the foam has been sprayed in place, you can fix any mistakes that you made. You can use a saw or razor blade to cut away any foam that you over-sprayed onto areas.

When the foam is dry, you can un-wedge the plastic long forms. When these forms are removed, the necessary space for air to flow will be in place for your roof. Make sure that you provide proper breathing room when you add new insulation to your roof. 

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