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3 Roof Ventilation Missteps That Could Result In Serious Damage

The ventilation in your attic plays a major role in the health of your roof. If the attic is not properly vented, heat will push through to the roof and cause significant damage. Therefore, it is important to avoid making mistakes with your attic ventilation. Here are just a few mistakes that could lead to roof damage.  

Failing to Balance Your Ventilation System 

Your attic's ventilation system should not just consist of one or two of the same vents. You will need to use a combination of vents to ensure the system is operating efficiently. If not, heat that builds up in the attic might not leave your home as it should.  

Ideally, your ventilation system should include exhaust and intake vents. The exhaust vents can be installed near the peak of your roof, while the intake vents should be installed at the bottom edge. Your contractor might recommend the use of additional intake vents to prevent too much exhaust from building up.  

Installing the Turbine Vents Incorrectly 

Turbine vents are designed to use wind power to help remove humid and hot air from the attic. When the vents are installed correctly, they are one of the most effective options used. Unfortunately, the vents are not always installed in the proper position, which results in them not functioning at all.  

Turbine vents have to be perfectly level when they are installed. If they are, they will turn as expected. If your vents are not turning, it is time to make some adjustments.  

It is important to note that if you have not had your attic professionally air-sealed, the installation of the turbine vents could be a waste. The vents will not pull air the way they are supposed to.  

Forgetting What Happens When Temperatures Drop 

Some homeowners are so focused on preventing the buildup of heat in their attics that they forget what happens when the temperatures outdoors start to cool off. In the winter time, you have a bigger concern than the heat buildup. Moisture can start to accumulate in the attic due to the vapors that are generated as water is used in the home. As a result, your attic could have a mold or mildew problem.  

A contractor like those at Roof-Rite Roofing, Inc can help to develop a ventilation system to help avoid this issue and many others all year long. He or she can also establish a schedule to regular assess the system and make repairs as needed.