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How Gutters Can Affect Your Home's Siding

Whether your siding is made of vinyl, wood, metal, or some other material, it's one of the most important parts of your home's exterior appearance. And it protects the insides of your walls from weather, termites, and other potentially damaging things. So keeping your siding from being negatively affected by your gutters is important. Here's how gutters can protect or negatively affect your siding appearance.


Your gutters are supposed to not only catch the rainwater from your roof so that you can decide what you want to do with it (such as putting in a rain barrel and using it to water your garden, for example), but also play a role in protecting your house from the elements. They're designed to protect your house itself from the deleterious effects that rainwater can have by keeping rainwater from running down the siding or dumping out onto the siding or pooling near it on the ground. This is why you're supposed to make sure that your gutter system channels water several yards away from the house before dumping it out.


Just as the inside of your home can be damaged by water, the outside can suffer water damage as well. Your vinyl siding can become discolored and even the foundation of your home can be affected. Rainwater can cause the ground around your foundation walls to swell and expand in size, putting more and more inward pressure on the walls themselves. In this way excess water can cause foundation walls to crack and bow in, which can also affect the rest of the house, including the siding, by making the foundation on even and destabilizing the war. Cracks, warping, and other types of damage can then appear in not only vinyl siding but also interior walls and even windowpanes.

Bad foundation

problems can cost thousands of dollars to repair and can shatter windows out of their frames as well as causing walls to lean (and making the whole house unsafe to occupy until the repairs have been completed). So as you can see, the damage that your gutters protect your house from proves that their ability to correctly function is a very important part of the health of your home's exterior. In fact, it's an important part of keeping up the health of your house overall, because the damage can affect both the exterior and the interior of your home.

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