Tracking Down Roofing Issues

3 Important Things To Be Done After A Storm Damages Your Roof

Has a recent rainstorm left the interior of your home significantly wetter than it's supposed to be? Are you confused about what steps you need to take next in order to get your roof fixed? Although a roof may give some warning before it's about to fail, sometimes the warning signs are too subtle to notice until it's too late. A strong storm can also damage even relatively new roofs. The first things that you need to do include:

Contact your insurance company: Not all insurance policies will cover the repair of water damage. But if this damage occurred as a result of a damaged roof, it's possible that at least a portion of your repairs may be covered by your policy. Since insurance policies can be confusing and difficult to read, the best way to find out if some or all of your roof repair costs will be covered is to call them. They may want to send an insurance agent out to inspect the damage before they give you a final answer, so you should be prepared to wait a few days before anything can actually begin.

Cover the damaged area: When your roof is damaged, you certainly don't want another storm to come in and damage things further before you can get it repaired. Contact a local roof repair company and ask them to come out and put a tarp on your roof to cover the hole. Since you're still waiting to hear back from your insurance company, the company that does this may not wind up being the same one that does the repairs. Getting a quote from them anyway won't hurt. Although you could attempt to cover the roof yourself, climbing on a roof can be dangerous and you obviously don't want to potentially fall and get injured.

Take pictures: While you're waiting for the roof repair company to send someone out to cover your roof, get as many pictures as possible of the damaged area. This includes what you can see of the shingles outside and the water damage inside. If your roof was damaged by a falling branch, make sure to take many pictures of that before the branch is moved off of your roof. Your insurance agent may want to see pictures of everything once he or she arrives. 

For more information or assistance, contact a roof repair contractor in your area.