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Copper Vs. Slate Tiles: Which Roofing Material Is Best?

Has the time come to replace your roof? Cheaper roofing materials may be more affordable right now, but you will just need to replace them prematurely and end up spending more on a second roof. Instead, you can purchase a material that will last much longer than a material like asphalt shingles. Here is what you need to know about copper roofing and slate tiles, which are two popular roofing materials that have a long lifespan.

Why Focus On A High Quality Roofing Material?

A lot can be said about the roofing material that you select for your home. While asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material, they will also be the cheapest. Many homeowners decide to go with asphalt if they do not have the budget for something better. However, asphalt may also be used if you plan on moving soon after a roof replacement is done.

Consider a high quality roofing material if you are going to be living in the home for the foreseeable future. If you know that the home you're in will be your home for the next 30 or so years, you might as well select a better roofing material that will not need replacement 2 or 3 more times over the time you're in the home.

Why Slate Tiles?

A slate roof has the potential to last an average of 175 years. In addition, the roof will have a total cost of about $17,500 on the high end to have installed. You may be wondering why you should make such a steep investment in a material that will certainly outlast you and even the home itself. You may be surprised to learn that asphalt shingles will cost more in the long run when you consider how often they need replacement.

Many people invest in a slate roof because they are environmentally conscious. Asphalt roofing material is often thrown away in a landfill after it is ripped off the roof, and replacing asphalt several times will create waste that is not necessary. Slate can actually be recycled and used for new roofing material, which has less of an impact on the environment.

Why Copper Roofing?

Copper roofing starts with a shiny finish similar to a penny and eventually fades until it's dull and grey. The process is called the patina, and occurs when the roofing material oxidizes. It's a unique look that you really need to know about before you have the roofing installed, since some homeowners either love it or hate it. However, that patina effect is what helps a copper roof last for so long.

Expect to pay more for copper roofing, with it coming out as much as $29,500 for the installation on a 1,200 sq. ft. roof. The material is also very lightweight, so there is no need to add additional reinforcement to a roof for the installation.

Not sure which roof is best for your home? Contact a local roofing company like Amick Roofing Inc for more information on copper or slate tiles.