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Why Select Fiber Cement Home Siding For A Renovation Project

Planning on renovating your home's exterior? If so, one decision that you may be looking to make it what material to replace your existing siding with. You do not have to go with the same type of material that you are currently using on your home, since it is an opportunity to select any material you want. You'll want to select a material that has minimal maintenance so it doesn't need to be repaired, which is why fiber cement can be a great choice. This is what you need to know about how using a fiber cement material compares to other materials.


New fiber cement siding is constructed using wood pulp and cement. The combination of these two materials makes the material durable while also looking like wood. Thankfully, the fiber cement siding won't be susceptible to termite damage or rot, which can happen with natural wood siding product.

Fiber cement siding will also be fire resistant, also is also capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. The material will not dent or warp like aluminum or vinyl material. Know that selecting fiber cement siding will lead to needing minimal maintenance after the installation.


Are you the type of homeowner that likes to change how their home looks every now and then? If so, know that you are able to paint fiber cement siding whenever you want your home to have a new look.

Competing materials, like vinyl siding, are limited in the color that the material can be purchased in. The siding is usually a lighter color so it can reflect heat and avoid warping, and you cannot change the color of the material once it is made.

A similar problem happens with aluminum siding, though you can paint the material. It involves a ton of work to scrub the aluminum material to remove the chalky residue before painting it, but is always an option if you're willing to put in the work.

Fiber cement siding can be painted using an acrylic based paint. If you decide to leave the color of the material as is, know that it will resist fading and chipping because the color is throughout the entire piece of siding material.


Expect To Pay $3-$4 per sq. ft. for fiber cement material, which is about the same amount you will pay for materials like aluminum and vinyl. When calculating the total cost of a siding material, be sure to estimate how much you'll spend on maintenance as well. You could end up spending more on other materials due to them needing to be repaired more frequently.