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Looking To Decorate The Outside Of Your Home For The Holidays? Common Mistakes You Should Avoid To Keep Your Roof Safe

During the holiday season, you may be looking to hang Christmas lights or place decorations and inflatables around the outside of your home. Unfortunately, many people make a few mistakes when decorating that can cause damage to their roof. If you are looking to decorate this holiday season, here are three common mistakes you should avoid in order to keep your roof safe. 

Using Nails to Hang Lights From Your Gutters

One of the most common mistakes that people make when decorating the exterior of their homes is using nails to hang lights from their gutters. Unfortunately, nails can cause problems to these materials and potentially cause roof issues as well. A nail can prevent water from properly flowing through your gutter as it should. Nails can hold leaves and debris in place, which can prevent the water from flowing. In turn, this can cause the water to freeze faster and can be the beginning of an ice dam forming. Once the ice forms in the gutter, it can extend to your roof, causing significant damage. 

Walking On Roof Shingles or Tiles

Another mistake that people make when decorating the exterior of their homes for the holidays is walking on their roofs. If you are hanging lights on your home, you may stand or walk across your roof. Unfortunately, if you wear the wrong shoes or if you walk heavily on the roof, you can damage your shingles or tiles. You can cause tiles to crack if you place too much weight on them and can cause shingles to slide if you do not walk gingerly across them. If you must walk on your roof, always wear shoes with a soft sole and walk as lightly across the roof as you can. 

Placing Decorations on Your Roof

The last mistake that is commonly made when decorating for the holidays is placing decorations, such as inflatables or figures, on the roof. These items can impede the flow of water down your roof. This can cause puddling to occur. When puddling occurs, there is a great likelihood of the roofing material becoming damaged or a leak ocurring. Many people place decorations on their roofs to prevent them from being stolen. Unfortunately, this can lead to problems with your roof, so it should be avoided. 

When you are decorating the exterior of your home for the holiday season, you can easily make mistakes that can be damaging to your roof. Knowing what mistakes people make can help you avoid these mistakes. However, if it is too late and you have already made one of these mistakes, contact a roofing contractor service, such as Versatile  Roofing, as quickly as possible. They can help to repair the damage before additional problems occur.