Tracking Down Roofing Issues

Usually Take Care Of Your Own Home Repairs? 4 Times You Shouldn't Tackle Roof Repairs On Your Own

If you're a do-it-yourself kind of person, you probably like taking care of your home maintenance and repairs. While that is a good way to save money, there are times when tackling a repair around the house is going to require professional assistance. Some of the instances will include roofing problems. If you've got a couple loose shingles, or the edge needs to be tacked down with a bit of roofing cement, you can probably handle those issues as a do-it-yourself project. However, there will be times when issues with your roof will require a roofing contractor. Here are four specific times when you should let the professionals take care of your roof.

After a Hail Storm

You might think that hail damage would be something you can handle on your own. However, hail storms can pose a tricky situation for your roof, especially since some of the damage won't be visible to the untrained eye. You see, hail can actually hit in such an angle that it will dent the plywood decking without causing visible damage to the shingles. It can even leave hairline cracks that you won't be able to see from the ground. If your roof has been exposed to a hail storm, you need to have it inspected by a professional roofing contractor. They'll be able to identify the damage that you might have missed.

During the Winter

If your roof sustains damage during the winter, don't try to take care of the repairs by yourself, even it if looks like you just need a couple of shingles repaired. Roofing repairs can be extremely dangerous during the winter, especially if your roof has ice or snow on it. Roofing contractors are trained to walk on icy, and snow-packed roofs. Protect yourself, and your roof, by having winter repairs taken care of by the professionals.

Large-Scale Repairs

When it comes to large-scale roof repairs, you need to call a roofing contractor. This is particularly important if the damage has exposed the plywood decking on your roof. If your plywood decking has been exposed, it will need to be inspected for damage, and a new layer of roofing paper will need to be installed before the shingles can be replaced. This type of extensive project will require professional training and equipment.

Metal Roof Damage

If you have a metal roof, and it has sustained damage, you shouldn't try to take care of the repairs by yourself. Metal roofing can be severely damaged if it's walked on the wrong way. That means, you could do further damage while trying to make the repairs. Prevent further damage by leaving the repairs of your metal roof to a roofing contractor.

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