Tracking Down Roofing Issues

Raise The Roof, Lower The Temperature: How To Keep Roofers Cool In The Heat

Roofing repairs often need to happen as quickly as possible, especially when there is a leak in the roof and it seems to be getting worse. Whether your roof needs a patch job or if you need a brand new roof, it can be important to get the job started immediately. It can be easy to get a days work in for roofers while the weather is mild. If it is very hot and the temperatures are climbing, roofers are likely to get hot quickly. Here are some ways that you can help your roofer keep cool while they are working on your roof. 

Offer them cold packs regularly 

When working on a roof, most roofing repair experts will still need to wear long pants at the least. It can be important to wear protective clothing while on the roof as there are materials that can easily irritate and scratch the skin. In order to help your roofer stay cool, offer them cold packs wrapped up inside of thing towels. The roofers can put these cold packs inside of their shirts or inside of their safety harness to keep them still. Offer them a new one every few hours in order to keep the workers cool. 

Send up a bucket of water

Often nothing will do except a splash of cold water. Placing water on the skin is actually a good idea. Water being on the skin will help to cool the skin down and protect against the heavy heat of the glaring sun. Offer a cooler or a bucket with a top to your roofers while they are working. They will be able to open up the cooler or bucket and splash themselves with water while working on the roof. Keeping cool on the roof may mean that the roofer can work straight through the day and get the job done faster. 

Offer up a rotating fan

It is possible for roofers to take items onto the roof most often. If you have a long extension cord or the roofers have a long extension cord, you can loan them a rotating fan to help cool them down while they are on the roof. The rotation of the fan means that the roofers will not have to move the fan constantly to aim in the direction that they are working. With a light fan to keep cooler, your roofers will feel healthier throughout their workday.  

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