Tracking Down Roofing Issues

Tackle Basic Outdoor Home And Land Improvements This Spring

Tackling some basic outdoor home and land improvements will provide you with a sense of pride and an attractive outdoor area to utilize while entertaining guests or soaking up the rays this spring and summer. Complete the following gutter, patio, and lawn care tips to upgrade your property.

Clean, Repair, And Replace Gutter Pieces

If a gutter system was installed several years ago, caked on mud, leaves, and other gunk could be clogging the gutter pieces, resulting in inadequate drainage. Puddling can cause the soil to compress in some areas and uneven growth of vegetation. Inspect the gutter pieces and remove loose debris by hand.

Since some of the gutter sections will be located near the top of your home's roof, it is imperative that you stand on an extension ladder while completing the cleaning process. Gutter pieces that have minor cracks in their surface can be salvaged by patching the damaged areas with a waterproof epoxy.

If gutter pieces have dirty buildup that has hardened on metal surfaces, use water to soak the stained surfaces and a scrub brush to loosen materials. A cleaning agent that is designed for metal can be used to remove dirty streaks.

If you notice that gutter sections have holes in them and epoxy won't sufficiently fill the damaged areas, invest in new gutter sections. Secure the new gutter sections to adjacent pieces by overlapping them and pushing the pieces together. 

Address Staining On Pavement And Install A Patio Set, Grill, And Cover

If the patio is located under trees, wet leaves or sap may have resulted in light or moderate staining on the paved surface. If it recently rained, wait for it to clear up and become sunny so that materials on the pavement are dry and can easily be swept up. After eliminating debris, mix a degreasing cleanser with warm water.

Use a sponge mop to spread the cleaning mixture across the pavement. After the pavement dries, add a patio set and grill to the patio. If you want to have the opportunity to seek shade while outdoors, a lightweight canopy or awning can be installed over the furnishings. 

Eliminate Weeds, Cut Grass, And Add Lawn Decor

If weeds are left untreated, they may multiply and overtake your yard. Purchase a herbicide that is environmentally safe, and that won't pose a threat to grass blades or greenery. Apply the herbicide thoroughly to each weed shaft. Use a lawnmower to cut the grass each week. Add some basic decorations to your yard, including a gazing ball, small fountain, or birdbath. 

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