Tracking Down Roofing Issues

Composite Woods Are Great For Fascia Boards

It is important to keep up the style of your roof. Obviously, your roofing material is going to age over time since it is unprotected. But, most materials age very naturally and are tempered to withstand decay. In fact, some people even like the way that their roof material looks after a few years. For example, a wood shingle roof can fade, and the wood grains can start to look a little more antique over the years. Similarly, a clay roofing tile might start to pick up some moss growth, which can add a little extra touch of color to your roof.

Keep Up Your Roofline

But, keeping roofing material attractive is usually easier than maintaining the roofline. The roofline is more vulnerable, since it is made out of hardwood that is usually painted. and it can look old and out dated after a while if it is not cared for. Obviously, it can be a major problem if your roof line becomes so saggy that the roofing material directly over your fascia boards becomes compromised. This is why many people, when they decide to replace the soffit and fascia boards on their roofline, choose to use a composite wood. Composite wood is preferable on the roof line because it is less vulnerable to water dam damage, which is usually what causes issues with the integrity of the boards.

Composite Fascia and Soffit Boards

The biggest difference, when it comes to style, of owning a composite wood fashion board is the fact that the finish is permanent. That is, the outside texture is a print that is made to look like natural lumber. Since this print is laminated over, the finish cannot be changed.

For some homeowners, this is the only drawback of having composite wood. That is, some people think that the print doesn't look realistic enough, but others just don't like the fact that they cannot change the color of the roofline if they want. On the other hand, many homeowners just want a solid, white roof line, so a composite products work great. The white finish will remain bright and fade resistant over the years. This is a big advantage for most. 

The fact that composite wood is less vulnerable to moisture and sun damage is the main reason that most people choose composite woods. It is much easier to maintain a straight and clean roof line when you own composite wood fascia and soffit boards.

If you want something low maintenance and dependable, you can't go wrong with composite fascia boards.