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5 Reasons Why You Should Cover Your Flat Commercial Roof In Asphalt

When you have a flat commercial roof on your building, your roofing contractor will offer you the chance to cover it in asphalt (i.e., "blacktop" it). Sure, it will cost you a little extra, but the payoffs are worth it. The following reasons will highlight why you should definitely cover your flat commercial rooftop with asphalt.

1. Asphalt Acts as an Insulation Layer Against Cold

Bet you did not consider that, did you? Asphalt holds the heat in your building when other buildings without an asphalt roof covering are losing heat. The heat cannot escape because the asphalt will not release any warm air trapped underneath it. This is extremely beneficial to many properties in the northern half of the U.S. when it becomes very difficult to keep immense commercial properties warm. What is more, asphalt actually draws in and soaks up sun because anything black absorbs heat. 

2. Melt Snow and Ice Quickly

As previously mentioned, the blackness of asphalt absorbs heat and light. It then radiates the heat and light it collects, creating a very hot surface on which nothing cold can remain. Snow and ice in winter have not a prayer if the asphalt is exposed. Then the blacktop on your roof melts everything and channels it into downspouts.

3. An Asphalt Surface Provides a Good Place to Hang Out

Whether you choose to turn the paved surface of your roof into a running/walking track for residents or employees, or you just make it a place where everyone can hang out and get some fresh air, having the asphalt provides a good surface for all that. You can put patio chairs and tables out there, create a designated smoking area if and when you do not want smokers to smoke in the building, etc.

4. A Blacktopped Roof Holds up Longer

Roofs without blacktop eventually begin to collapse and leak. Roofs with blacktop last a little bit longer than just gravel or concrete alone. The asphalt acts as a barrier that prevents sinking and leaks, too. If you want your commercial roof to last longer and not have to repair or replace it for anywhere between twelve and forty years, then you should definitely have your commercial roofing contractor go ahead and asphalt the whole flat roof area.

5. How Long the Asphalt Process Takes

An entire flat asphalt roof on a commercial rooftop takes about a day, give or take a few extra hours based on the size of the rooftop. The contractor's crew may only bother you to use the bathroom. Otherwise, they never enter the building, and everything they need is hauled upward via a crane.

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