Tracking Down Roofing Issues

Questions To Ask Your Roofing Company

If you have a major roofing project coming up, there are a few important questions that your preferred roofing contractor should answer. The answers to these questions will help you understand what to expect during the project. Here are some of those questions and why they are essential.

Who Will Be Coming To My House to Do the Work?

Ask this question to know who will be showing up on your house; the actual roofers who will be working on the roof. This is important so that criminal elements don't take advantage of the crowd at your house and gain entry to your house. As such, you should know how many people the roofing company will be sending to your house. It's also good to know whether you will be dealing with the same people from the start to the end or there will be some change during the work.

How Will You Protect The Property During The Work?

The roofing company should also be able to explain to you how they plan to work so that no damage comes to your properties. In this respect, you should know:

  • When the roofers will be arriving and leaving
  • How they will protect your landscaping and interior from damage
  • The level of noise to expect during the project
  • Whether the company will handle the cleanup
  • Whether they will need anything from the house, such as access to electrical outlets

Who Will Be My Point Of Contact?

Although several people will be working on the project, you should have a designated person you can approach when you have a concern, a suggestion or when you need a clarification. You should also know where you will get this person or how you will communicate with them. For example, you should have the contacts (such as a phone number) of this point person so that you can address your concerns even when they aren't on the job site.

How Long Will the Job Take?

Lastly, you also need clarification on how long the job will last. After all, despite the roofer's best precautions, the roofing project will have a major disruption on your life; from the noise levels to the dust produced, some unintended consequences of roofing are just unavoidable. Unavoidable circumstances, such as a heavy snowfall, may disrupt the project and extend its duration, but you should at least have a rough approximation of the expected project timeline.

For more information, contact your preferred flat roof installation company.