Roof Drainage: Tips On Inspecting And Maintaining Your Gutters

Gutters are a vital part of your roof's drainage system, charged with quickly removing water off the structure so it does not pool and cause structural damage or leaking. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to properly maintain their gutters, leading to many problems that shorten the life of their entire roof. In this article, you will learn the importance of maintaining your gutters and get tips on how to keep these important roof components in great shape so as to enhance the drainage of your roof. [Read More]

Need A New Roof? Two Tips To Help You Pay For The Expense

If you've had your roof inspected and it was determined that it's time for a replacement, you may be at a loss concerning how to cover the cost.  On the high end, replacing a roof can cost as much as $12,255 dollars, and if you don't have savings, you may wonder just how to fit this into your budget.  However, even if you don't have the full amount of the replacement expenses at your disposal, use this information to learn more about the options available when you need to finance a new roof. [Read More]

How To Maintain A Flat Roof

Your roof protects the home as well as its inhabitants.  If you maintain and protect your roof, your roof can protect you for a longer period since it will not need many repairs or need to be replaced.  You can protect and maintain your roof by being proactive.  There are some things you can do as a homeowner to extend the life of your flat roof. Inspect Your Roof  Flat roofs have little to no sloping and will collect debris such as leaves, small limbs, and pine or fir needles. [Read More]

Four Different Ways You Can Dispose Of Old Shingles

If you are having your roof replaced, all the old shingles that are currently on your roof are going to need to be pulled off. Once they are pulled off your roof, you are going to have to do something with all the old roofing material that you now have. Here are four different  ways you can dispose of your old shingles. #1 Donate To A Community Organization You don't have to throw your old shingles in the trash. [Read More]