Prepare Your Roofing For Winter

Winter is quickly approaching, and it's time to get those last-minute tasks done to be sure that the house will be able to withstand all of the abuse it's about to be put through. One area that many people neglect to prepare for winter is the roof. The roof of your home will need to support the weight of all of the snow that falls this year, and if you don't take the time to inspect and prepare the roof for winter, you could find yourself facing even more difficult problems. [Read More]

Roofing Issues: How Can You Secure Your Chimney?

Keeping your roof in excellent condition can protect your home from numerous problems, including wood rot, mold, and water damage. To ensure that your home stays safe, you may clean your gutters and repair your shingles. But there are a few other places on your roof you should take extra precautions with, including your chimney. Here are things you can do to make your chimney safe. How Can Your Chimney Allow Water to Enter Your Home? [Read More]

Questions To Ask Your Roofing Company

If you have a major roofing project coming up, there are a few important questions that your preferred roofing contractor should answer. The answers to these questions will help you understand what to expect during the project. Here are some of those questions and why they are essential. Who Will Be Coming To My House to Do the Work? Ask this question to know who will be showing up on your house; the actual roofers who will be working on the roof. [Read More]

Removing Moss From Asphalt And Metal Roofing

Moss growth not only looks bad on the roof of your home, but it's also stealing valuable years off of the life of the roofing material. Here, you'll learn the best ways to remove moss from different types of roofing materials and how to prevent the regrowth. Removing Moss from Shingled Roofing Shingles must be handled with care. If you are too rough on the shingles while you're trying to remove the moss, you will rip and ruin the shingles that you're trying to save. [Read More]