Could You Really Replace Your Roofing On Your Own?

If your roofing is in need of replacement, you may be considering taking on the task without the help of a professional. Roofing is a difficult job that not everyone can physically complete. Here, you'll learn about the roofing process to help you determine if you really can complete the project without professional assistance. Existing Roofing Removal As professionals remove the existing roofing materials, they typically toss the materials off of the roof directly into a dump truck or construction dumpster. [Read More]

Tackle Basic Outdoor Home And Land Improvements This Spring

Tackling some basic outdoor home and land improvements will provide you with a sense of pride and an attractive outdoor area to utilize while entertaining guests or soaking up the rays this spring and summer. Complete the following gutter, patio, and lawn care tips to upgrade your property. Clean, Repair, And Replace Gutter Pieces If a gutter system was installed several years ago, caked on mud, leaves, and other gunk could be clogging the gutter pieces, resulting in inadequate drainage. [Read More]

How Heat Can Damage Your Roof, And How To Limit The Damage

Your roof protects your house from weather-related damage, but the roof itself is not immune to the effects of weather. For example, extremely high temperatures can damage the roof and shorten its lifetime. How Heat Can Damage the Roof Damage to Decking The roof deck is a roofing material that sits between the structural components (the support structures) and the weatherproofing and insulation layers. The deck is the material on which the actual roofing material is installed. [Read More]

Raise The Roof, Lower The Temperature: How To Keep Roofers Cool In The Heat

Roofing repairs often need to happen as quickly as possible, especially when there is a leak in the roof and it seems to be getting worse. Whether your roof needs a patch job or if you need a brand new roof, it can be important to get the job started immediately. It can be easy to get a days work in for roofers while the weather is mild. If it is very hot and the temperatures are climbing, roofers are likely to get hot quickly. [Read More]