3 Tips To Deal With Minor Storm Damage And Save On Roof Repairs

When a storm has come through your area, it is possible that you will have to deal with damage to your roof. Sometimes, the damage is serious, but it is often minor problems that you can repair yourself. When you have a little wind damage or small leaks, quick repairs will help prevent more serious damage to your home. Here are some tips to help you deal with minor storm damage to your roof: [Read More]

Looking To Decorate The Outside Of Your Home For The Holidays? Common Mistakes You Should Avoid To Keep Your Roof Safe

During the holiday season, you may be looking to hang Christmas lights or place decorations and inflatables around the outside of your home. Unfortunately, many people make a few mistakes when decorating that can cause damage to their roof. If you are looking to decorate this holiday season, here are three common mistakes you should avoid in order to keep your roof safe.  Using Nails to Hang Lights From Your Gutters [Read More]

Why Select Fiber Cement Home Siding For A Renovation Project

Planning on renovating your home's exterior? If so, one decision that you may be looking to make it what material to replace your existing siding with. You do not have to go with the same type of material that you are currently using on your home, since it is an opportunity to select any material you want. You'll want to select a material that has minimal maintenance so it doesn't need to be repaired, which is why fiber cement can be a great choice. [Read More]

Apartment Building's Suffering From Roof Membrane Shrinkage? Contact A Professional

Apartment owners must take steps to ensure that their buildings are in great shape. For example, they need to make sure that the membranes of their roofs don't shrink. This step requires understanding why membranes shrink and why contacting a professional is better than trying to fix it on your own. Roof Shrinkage Is Complex There are several reasons that roofing membrane shrinks in an apartment building. For example, poor membrane design is often one cause. [Read More]